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Why  follow Linns Reise?

A natural born traveller:

Getting my first globus at my two years birthday, I started studying the world map with all its countries and oceans. The future plan was set: I wanted to discover the world.

After graduating from University with a higher degree (cand. polit.) in social anthropology, I added a year of journalism studies to my CV before starting as a freelance journalist in 2005. The same year, I was invited to to start the very first travel blog at as  a paid one year project.

After this I continued as a travel journalist for some of the leading woman magazines, news papers and travel magazines. My new  travel blog,   Linns Reise, saw the light in  2010/2011.

This winter I reached a milestone in my travel carrier: If i might include partly independent countries such as the Faroe Islands and Cayman Islands, I visited country number 100   when stepping onto the Caribbean island state of Dominica in January 2017.

My target groups:

My main target groups are:

  • Independent travellers and small independent groups or couples that are seeking advices and ideas for their future travel, either the trip goes to Madagascar, Mallorca or Tromsø.
  • Travellers that are into outdoor experiences like trekking, yachting  and wild life.
  • Travellers  that are seeking advices for destinations off the beaten track and like to know more about the local way of living while travelling.
  • Travellers that is looking for short traveled-experinces close to their own home place.
  • Travellers in need of practical travel tips, such as transport, restaurants, local costumes, hire of car/yacht/accomandation  on  site or from home.
Linns Reise in  media:
Bagorama kundemagasin sommer/høst2017





 (2014) (2014) (2014)

Mobizmag (2014)

Aftenposten (2013) (2013)

Henne nr 9-2006

VG (2005)

DinSide (2001)


In cooperation with

Bali for godt voksne – jan2016

Haifri badeferie – mai2016

Qatar og Hamad Airport – feb2016

Eventyrslottet Dalen – aug2015

Theon Greyjov venter på deg i Nord-Irland – jul2015

Mayasafari i Guatemala – mai2014

Printed magazines and papers:

Magazines: Båtliv, Seilmagasinet og Seilas, Levende historie, Reiser og Ferie, Bagoramamagasinet, Egmont magazines: Kamille, Norsk Ukeblad, Det Nye, Hurumlandet magazine.

Newspapers: Aftenposten, Dagsavisen, VG, Romerike Blad, Adresseavisa.


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